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Collaborative Family Law


Collaborative Law is the art of settling cases with legal counsel but without Court intervention at any stage. Within the Collaborative Practice, lawyers contract with their clients to not attend in court and to use the expertise of neutral Family Professionals and Financial Specialists, in a team environment, to assist the couple to resolve all issues pertaining to their relationship.


I am actively involved in expanding the Collaborative idea throughout the Durham Region. I have attended numerous Collaborative training programs where I have established a level of competence in assisting couples in resolving all Family Law issues via the Collaborative process successfully.


Collaborative Family Law focuses on the specific needs of each family and the lawyer’s assist the couple to reach a mutually acceptable resolution to their issues. This process results in invaluable benefits for the couple and their children.


The Collaborative Process creates a co-operative environment as opposed to a conflicted environment. The lawyers assist the couple to develop new forms of communication which will allow them to negotiate in a constructive rather than destructive fashion. If you are parents, we first focus on parenting philosophies in the kind of young of adults you would like your children to grow up to be. Once we have established a positive re-structuring of your family and mind, we the lawyers then gather all information that both you and your spouse need to make good and informed decisions. Collaborative professionals provide a setting where you can work with one another to create the best positive life for your children and yourselves. In the Collaborative process we schedule meetings with the lawyers in a timely fashion as opposed to waiting for the lengthy period of time generally associated with Court dates. It has been my experience that within the Collaborative process, couples resolve their separation and divorce in a less costly and more timely fashion than the litigation process.


Within the Collaborative process, the clients sign an Agreement with the lawyers that the lawyers will not attend court and this generally results in a great cost savings for the client and the cases are resolved in a more expedient fashion than those who choose to attend court.


Please review the links for Collaborative Family Law Durham, Collaborative Practice Toronto as well as International Academy of Collaborative Professionals.


For more information concerning Collaborative Law, please visit the website at www.collaborativelawyersdurham.ca

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